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Lea's Studio

Leas’s Loft Glass Art Studio is a unique place where vibrancy and tranquility finds the perfect balance to create a comfortable yet energetic environment where people of all ages can unlock their creative abilities and have some fun!  Lea’s Loft offers a wide selection of Kiln-formed glass and Flame work techniques which allow individuals the opportunity to learn, create and enjoy the world of Glass Art at their own pace and budget.  It is also the ideal place to stop by for that unique gift you’ve been looking for – there are always stock of beautiful glass jewellery, bowls, plates and paintings for sale.

The studio stocks a wide variety of Bullseye Colored Art glass (COE 90) for kiln work, including Transparent, Opalescent, Streaky, Textured, Iridescent and Dichroic glasses. These Bullseye glass types are available in sheet glass, powders, frits, stringers, ribbons, confetti and billet form and are imported directly from the Bullseye Glass Company’s factory in Portland, Oregon, USA.  Lea's Loft is currently the only recognized dealer and distributor of Bullseye Glass products in South Africa!

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