Commission Melanie

Commission me to create a customized &  personalized piece of glass art, that fit your requirements and style. Commission pieces include the following:

  • Door & window panels

  • Wall & ceiling light fittings

  • Functional accessories, like vases, bowls, platters, spoon rests and candle holders (maximum height of 20cm per single piece)

  • Wall clocks

  • Decorative wall art for wall displays

  • Glass Paintings and Drawings

  • Loose standing glass sculptures for table displays 

  • Glass pendants & earrings.

Prices vary based on the type and colour of glass used as well as the intricacy of the design. The maximum size of a single flat panel is 1m x 0.5m.

My work is also on display at Lea's Loft, as well as HOPE Inspirational Gifts in die Thaba Mall, Thabazimbe. 

1/1 | +2782 807 8074  // +2778 834 5413 | 39 Hoep Hoep Avenue, Rustenburg